Thursday, November 15, 2012

Kingston Roller Ski Race Raffle & Sponsors

With only 4 days until the 9th Annual Kingston Roller Ski Race, the applicatins are rolling in at the best pace ever.  I'd like to take this opportunity in this final pre-race post to talk about a raffle and our sponsors.

The Capital Region Nordic Alliance (CRNA) is holding a raffle that they started at the North Creek Roller Ski Race back in September and has been selling tickets online since then.  The drawings for the winners will take place at the Kingston race this coming Sunday and tickets still can be purchased at the race.  Thanks to our very gracious sponsors some great prizes will be raffled off.   Atomic skis and Leki skipoles donated by High Peaks Cyclery, roller skis donated byV2 and wax donated by  Toko will all be won by some lucky individuals.  So, when you purchase some new equipment and supplies from High Peaks on Sunday, leave a few dollars aside for the raffle.

Finally, I would like to thank all of our sponsors for their support.  Many of them are listed to the right; however, I want to list all of them here.  Remember:  When you make your purchases, you can choose anyone.  Please choose those companies who support our event and our sport.

Toko wax
V2 Roller Skis
The Rudy Project
Concept 2 - Ski Erg
Verge Sport
Hudson Valley Foot Associates
Ruge's Subaru
Rondout Savings Bank
Ryan Insurance
Peregrine Timing Systems

See you on Sunday.


Sunday, November 4, 2012

Kingston Races, Awards and Costs

The Races:
People can register for the 5K &/or 10K Race(s).  However, if you sign-up for the novice race, that's the only race in which you may participate. The novice race is for people who are just beginning their roller ski training.  The cost is $15 for one race and $20 for two races.

Individual Awards:
I.  An overall male & female champion will be crowned based on their performances in both the 5K & 10K races.

II. An overall male & female champion will be crowned based on their performances in the North Creek Race and their best performance at Kingston.

III.  The male & female winners in the novice race, the 5k race and in the 10K race will receive an award.

IV. Age group winners:
     high school & younger
     out of high school to 29
     over 45

Team Awards:
A high school, college or club can enter as many teams as they like.  If entering more than 1 team just list them as Team A, Team B, etc.  We will be rewarding a trophy and a revolving trophy to the winning high school team and the winning college/club team.  Each team must be set and a card filled out before the start of the first race at 12noon.

H.S. Team Championship:  A high school team will consist of 4 skiers - 2 guys and 2 girls.  One guy and one girl must race in the 5K race and a different guy and different girl  must race in the 10K race.  Each skier can participate in both races, if they wish.  However, only 1 race can count toward the team championship and that race must be decided before the races start at 12 noon.

College/Club Team Championship:  Basically, the same rules apply except a college/club needs only 1 woman skier.

Special Team Pricing:
The cost of the race is $15 for one race (novice, 5K or 10K) and $20 for two races (both the 5K and the 10K).    However, a team or club that preregisters as a group at the same time, in the same envelope or in the same email, will receive a discount of $5/skier.  This price is not available on race day.  Coaches - this is a great opportunity to bring your entire team at a very reduced price.  You can sign-up a team by sending me an email listing all the members, their race(s), their age, and their sex.  We can take care of filling out the actual applications on race day.

Race Timing:
For the first time, we will be using chip timing.  Peregrine Timing will be working with us on the event and it should help make the finish line and the awards go smother.  Their logo has been added to the list of sponsors on the right.  Welcome aboard Peregrine.