Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Kingston Roller Ski Race Sponsors

We have a great group of sponsors for the 8th Annual Kingston Roller Ski Races. In fact, probably the best group yet. We have some old faithfuls who have been with us for many years now and a couple new companies. I'd like to thank all the sponsors for their support of this event and the Kingston High School nordic ski team.

Toko: The only company to be with us for all 8 years. Check out their new grip wax. They've developed a system where there are only 3 grip waxes that cover all conditions. What could be easier? I, and a few friends, got the opportunity to try them last winter and where other kick waxes failed, these worked beautifully. Pick some up and give them a try. Also, a Toko technical rep will be on hand Sunday to demonstrate some of their products and answer questions.

Salomon: Involved in most of our races, this year, we've also partnered with their trail running division and have received gift certificates for 2 pairs of trail running shoes as prizes.

Accelerade: Also with us for many years, Accelerade has given us some samples of a new product that's just out. I've used their drinks exclusively for about 10 years now and love them. If you haven't tried them yet, do so.

V2: V2 roller skis with their speed reducers and braking system set them apart from so many other brands. They've been involved with the race since the beginning and the Kingston team owns about 10 pairs.

Polar: When you think heart rate monitors, who else do you think of but Polar. There's not much else to say. They're the leader and they're with us. Once again, a Polar representative will be on hand at the race to demonstrate some of their products and answer questions.

Nathan: I've used other hydration systems many years ago; but, now I use Nathan. Whether it's a hand held system, an waist system, or a backpack, Nathan equipment fills the bill.

EarMitts: As the weather gets cold and the snow hasn't begun to fall, we're still on roller skis, especially down around Kingston. However, wearing only a bicycle helmet is hard on the ears. EarMitts keep the ears warm when skiing or bicycling in the cold.

Atomic: One of our original sponsors, Atomic is back after a couple years away. Welcome back. It's good to have them involved again.

Nikwax: Whether cleaning our high tech clothing or refurbishing a waterproof jacket, Nikwax has the product for you.

Our new sponsors this year include:

Rudy Project: As one of the premier helmet and sport glass companies, Rudy Project is very welcome to our event.

Podiumwear: If you're looking for new ski uniforms, look no further. Team HURT put me in touch with Podiumwear and we've purchased some new uniforms from them and they've become a race sponsor. Welcome.

Concept 2: The Ski Erg is the machine for strength training for nordic skiing. It's become so popular that there are races held on the machine. We're glad to have them involved. Welcome.

That's it for this year. As I've said at the previous races and will say again this year, you have many companies from which to choose when purchasing you equipment and supplies. Remember those companies who supported you at this event. Let's support them.

See you on Sunday.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Kingston Races, Awards and Costs

The Races:
People can register for the 5K &/or the 10K race(s). However, if you sign-up for the novice race, that's the only race in which you may participate. The novice race is for people who are just beginning their roller ski training.

Individual Awards:
There will be an overall male & female champions based on their performances in both the 5K & 10K races. This is the same as the past 2 years.

We, also, will be presenting awards to the 1st male & female finishers as well as the age group winners from each race. The age groups are:

high school & younger
out of high school to 29
over 45

Team Awards:
This, too, will follow what we have done in the past. We will award a trophy and a revolving trophy to the winning high school team and the winning open team/club. Each team participating must be set and a card filled out before the start of the first race at 12 noon.

H.S. Team Championship: A high school team will consist of 4 skiers - 2 guys and 2 girls. One guy and one girl must race in the 5K and the other guy and girls must race in the 10K (of course, they can participate in both races, but only one will count toward the team award). The team must sign-up and decide who will count from each race before the 1st event at 12 noon.

Open Team/Club Championship: Basically, the same rules apply except a club needs only one woman skier.

Special Team Pricing:
The cost of the race is $15 for one race and $20 for two races. However, a team or club that preregisters as a group at the same time, in the same envelope, will pay a maximum of $100 for the entire team/club. This price is not available on the day of the race. Coaches - this is a great opportunity to bring your entire team for a very reasonable price. There is one drawback. We can supply only 10 t-shirts to a team for this special pricing. If you need more shirts, it will cost $6 per extra shirt.

Watch for our next posting about the sponsors.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Roller Ski Race Applications Available

The applications for the 8th Annual Kingston Roller Ski races were just sent out to all previous participants as an attachment to an email. If you have not received an application and would like one, please email Greg Malia at and mention whether you would like an electronic app or one sent in the mail.

See everyone on Nov 2oth.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

8th Annual Kingston Roller Ski Races

The Kingston High School Nordic Ski Team is happy to announce the 8th Annual Kingston Roller Ski Races to be held on Sunday, November 20, 2011 at the Miller Middle School in Lake Katrine, NY. The races will begin at 12 noon with sign-in starting at 10am.

High Peaks Cyclery from Lake Placid, once again, will be on hand with their mobile store offering ski and ski related products at unbelievably low team prices.

This years sponsors have grown to 12 companies including:

Toko wax
Salomon skis, boots and bindings
Nathan hydration systems
Polar heart rate monitors
V2 roller skis
Accelerade sports drink
Atomic skis, boots and bindings
The Rudy Project helmets and sunglasses
Concept 2 - Ski Erg
Podiumwear ski clothing

Each company has donated merchandise prizes for the event and some will be offering special deals between now and the races. So, watch your email and keep checking this blog for this information.

I know you have many companies from which to choose when purchasing your equipment. I ask everyone to look to the 12 companies who have supported our event and support them with your purchases.

Applications will be sent to everyone who has raced in the past via email. If you are new to the event, you can request an application from Greg Malia at

More posts will follow. We hope to see everyone on November 20th.