Sunday, November 28, 2010

Results from the Kingston Roller Ski Races

Sunday, November 21st turned out to be a beautiful, sunny day and the performances of the athletes participating in the 7th Annual Kingston Roller Ski Races showed what such a day can produce. Records fell in every category. We also saw a record number of skiers in both the 5K and the 10k races. Martin Donnelly-Heg successfully defended his overall title for the men. While Katie Zeppetelli won the women's title. In the team races, Team H.U.R.T. defended its open title and Queensbury High School defeated 4 other schools to defend its high school title.

5k Classic
1. Martin Donnelly-Heg Male 13:25 (course record)
2. Nick Underwood Male 13:30
3. Austin Huneck Male 13:33
4. Tim Huneck Male 13:34
5. Brian Halligan Male 13:35
6. Steve Rose Male 15:33
7. Per Martin Larsen Male 15:35
8. Bob Maswick Male 15:51
9. Don Rodbell Male 16:17
10. Pat McFalls Male 16:20
11. Matt Hayden Male 16:24
12. Josh Marre Male 16:44
13. Chris Frielinghaus Male 16:49
14. Pete Best-Hall Male 16:52
15. Katie Mulcahy Female 16:52 (course record)
16. Avery Francois Male 17:20
17. Matt Forshey Male 17:40
18. Mac Trainor Male 17:43
19. Corey McKenna Male 17:48
20. Pete Minde Male 17:49
21. Katie Zeppetelli Female 17:51
22. Eddie Luban Male 17:55
23. Jake Trainor Male 18:28
24. Nolan Richards Male 18:37
25. Carol Fisher Female 18:40
26. Janielle Luban Female 18:43
27. Erica Rodbell Female 18:52
28. Ashley Forshey Female 18:54
29. Tom Zabin Male 20:17
30. Danny Leal Male 20:22
31. John Vandermark Male 20:37
32. Janice Sibilia Female 20:37
33. Ethan Cooper Male 20:45
34. Valerie Malia Female 21:14
35. Alex Gilgore Male 22:39
36. Tyler Stronk Male 22:39
37. Gabbi Rodbell Female 22:40
38. Nick Zapotoski Male 22:40
39. Sierra Galusha Female 22:55
40. Brian Restaino Male 24:33
41. Abby Hellman Female 25:13
42. Kymmie Clark Female 25:18
43. Alex Rossi Male 25:53
44. Casey Dabroski Male 27:45
45. Alex Chastain Male 27:47
46. Hunter Krol Male 29:56
47. Erica Restaino Female 33:57
48. Emily Beecher Female 33:59

10K Skate

1. Brian Halligan M 22:00 (course record)
2. Martin Donnelly-Heg M 22:46
3. Austin Huneck M 22:47
4. Brian Halligan M 22:50
5. Darrell Rikert M 22:59
6. Tim Huneck M 24:18
7. Per Martin Larsen M 24:26
8. William Frielinghaus M 26:42
9. Bob Maswick M 26:46
10. Katie Zeppetelli F 28:03 (course record)
11. Matt Forshey M 28:40
12. Steve Rose M 28:45
13. Don Rodbell M 28:53
14. Roger Henry M 28:59
15. Pat McFalls M 29:18
16. Pete Best-Hall M 29:23
17. John Vandermark M 29:36
18. Avery Francois M 29:58
19. Kate Mulcahy F 30:11
20. Nick Underwood M 30:35
21. Matt Hayden M 31:03
22. Tom Cowell M 31:23
23. Corey McKenna M 31:28
24. Paul Wojcink M 31:41
25. Drew Mahoney M 31:52
26. Eddie Luban M 31:57
27. Aaron Getman M 32:28
28. Jeff Rizza M 32:28
29. Nolan Richards M 32:36
30. Pete Minde M 32:40
31. Carol Fisher F 32:41
32. Ethan Cooper M 32:47
33. Dan Talbert M 33:34
34. Jake Trainor M 33:40
35. Art Stegen M 33:47
36. Chris Redmond M 34:05
37. Gabby LeBihen F 34:31
38. Janice Sibilia F 34:36
39. Erica Rodbell F 35:31
40. Sarah Dukler F 37:19
41. Ashley Forshey F 37:36
42. Danny Leal M 40:21
43. Valerie Malia F 42:32
44. Connor Martin M 43:17
45. Brian Restaino M 44:10
46. Krysten Figueroa F 53:26

2k Novice

1. Alex Howk M 5:32 (course record)
2. Brian Howk M 7:16
3. Baily McKenna M 7:28

Sunday, November 14, 2010

High Peaks Cyclery at the Kingston Rollerski Races

With all of the great things happening at the 7th Annual Kingston Rollerski Races, with all the continued support of our sponsors, probably the biggest news this year is the addition of High Peaks Cyclery to the event. For the first time, we've brought the largest rollerski event in the northeast with the largest and best nordic ski retailer in the northeast to work together at the same event. High Peaks will bring over $20,000 worth of merchandise to the Kingston Rollerski Races and offer the best prices of the season - Team prices. They will be featuring the products of our sponsors (Toko, V2, Alpina, Salomon, Polar, Accelerade, EarMitts, Nathan, One Way, and Rossignol); but, have other products available for sale.

Additionally, High Peaks will be using the Rollerski Race as an opportunity to offer significant discounts for that day only on stone grinding of skis. Regularly priced at $70. For one day only, Sunday, November 21st, they will be offering their stone grinding services for only $50. What could be easier than bringing your skis to the race and dropping them off with High Peaks? Arrangements will be made, at the time of drop off, for the return of the skis. Other services like refurbishing of skis and flex testing also will be available for very low, one day only prices.

Two additional new items need to be mentioned. We've always offered great, complimentary food and that will continue. However, we're also offering pulled pork boxed dinners of a pulled pork sandwich, coleslaw, baked beans and a soda for $10 each. So, have lunch at the race and bring dinner home with you. Lastly, we're holding three baskets for raffle with themes of "Skiing", "A Cold Winter Night" & "Holiday Fun". Each basket will have a value of over $150. The drawing will take place at the race.

Come early. All of us will be ready by 10am. Do some shopping at High Peaks. Take a chance on a raffle and pick up dinner. Great day for all. Hope to see everyone next Sunday and bring a friend.

Any questions: contact Greg Malia at 845-518-8598 or

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Spnosors for the Kingston Rollerski Race

Quite a few companies have stepped up to help sponsor the 7th Annual Kingston Rollerski Races. Over the years, many corporations have been asked to help and these are the companies who have been there in the past and are there for this year's event.

So, when you choose your ski equipment and supplies, please remember who supported this rollerski race and please support them as much as possible.

Toko has been with us since the beginning and has been very generous in their contributions over the years.
Whether you're looking for wax supplies or ski clothing, think of Toko.

Alpina also has supported the races since year one. Consider them the next time you need a new pair of skis.

V2 is the final company that has been involved since the beginning. Their rollerskis are great and Kingston will be buying a new pair right after the rollerski races.

Salomon has been a sponsor of 5 of the 7 races we've held. Their boots and bindings are used by many and their skis are quickly becoming a favorite.

Accelerade has been the only ports drink company to become involved with the races. If you've tried their drinks and gels, you know how good they are. Last year, you received a packet of their drink powder and this year, you're getting one of their gels.

Polar is in its 3rd year and there's not much to say about them. Their equipment speaks for itself.

Nathan also is in its 3rd year and we're extremely happy to have them involved again. Their hydration systems are great and take a look at their reflecting vests. As safety becomes a larger and larger issues for rollerskiers, first we all adopted helmets and now we're looking at vests. Keep safe on the roads.

EarMitts is in its 2nd year of sponsorship and if you've ever tried to rollerski when it's below freezing, you know how difficult it is to keep any type of hat on your head and keep your ears warm. EarMitts are your solution. They're also great for biking.

New this year are One Way ski poles and their US distributor, Rossignol. We welcome them with great appreciation for their support.

Please support these companies when you're buying new equipment.

See you on the 21st.

For additional information, contact Greg Malia at 845-518-8598 or

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Kingston Races, Awards and Costs

The Races
People can register for the 5k &/or the 10k race(s). However, if you sign-up for the novice race, that's the only race in which you may participate. The novice race is for people who are just beginning their rollerski training.

Individual Awards
There will be an overall male & female champion based on their performance in both the 5k and 10k races. This is the same as last year.

We will presenting awards to the 1st place male and female skiers in each of the 3 races as we have done every year.

In response to suggestions made over the years, new to this year, there will awards to the male & female age group winners in the 5k and 10k races. The age groups will be:
high school & younger
out of high school to 29
30 - 45
over 45

The awards are still to be determined. They may be medals as we did last year. They may be special prizes supplied by our sponsors. Or, they may be first selection from the prize table.

Team Awards
This will follow last year's model. We will be awarding a trophy and a revolving trophy to the winning high school team and the winning open club/team. Each team participating must be set and a card filled out before the start of the first race at 12 noon.

High School Team Championship - A high school team will consist of 4 skiers - 2 guys and 2 girls. One guy and one girl must race in the 5k and the other guy and girl must race in the 10k (of course, they are allowed to participate in both races, but only one race will count toward the team award). The team must sign-up and decide who will count for each race before the first event at 12 noon.

Open Club Championship - Basically the same rules as above except a club needs only one woman skier.

Special Team Pricing
The cost of the race is $15 for one race and $20 for two races. However, a team or club that preregisters as a group at the same time, in the same envelope, will pay a maximum of $100 for the entire team or club. Coaches - this is an great way to bring your entire team for a very reasonable price. There is one drawback. We can supply only 10 t-shirts to a team for this special pricing. If a team needs more than 10 shirts, it will cost $6 per extra shirt.

Watch for our next posting about the sponsors.

Applications will be mailed out to previous skiers and coaches in the next week.

For additional information, contact Greg Malia at or 845-518-8598.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

7th Annual Kingston Rollerski Races

Sunday, November 21, 2010 is the date for the 7th Annual Kingston Rollerski Races to be held at the Miller Middle School in Lake Katrine, NY. Check-in begins at 10am with the races starting at 12 noon with the 5K classic, followed at 12:30pm by the 2K novice and then concluding at 1pm with the 10K skate race. The cost of the event has stayed the same for the past few years - $15 for one race and $20 for two races. There are special team prices described in a later posting about the actual races.

As in the past, everyone will receive a goody bag of items supplied by the sponsors, product information and a race t-shirt. There will be a table of prizes donated by our sponsors to be given out first to the race winners and then to the remaining racers via a random drawing. Watch for future postings regarding the sponsors and prizes.

We'll be set-up and ready to go by 10am for anyone who would like to arrive early. The primary new addition this year is the participation in the event by High Peaks Cyclery from Lake Placid. They will be on-hand with their store on wheels offering a significant choice of training and racing supplies and equipment for everyone. It's a perfect opportunity to do some Christmas shopping for the athlete in your family or to just pick-up those items you personally need for the upcoming ski season. The other bonus is that High Peaks will be picking up skis for stone grinding. What could be easier than dropping off your skis at the rollerski race and then picking them up at a, to be determined, central location. They'll be designating locations in the Hudson Valley area (probably working with the Kingston nordic team) and the Albany-Glens Falls area. We still have to finalize this. High Peaks, also, will be donating to the prize table some very nice items.

With almost 100 participants last year and over 100 the year before, this has become the largest rollerski event in the northeast. Come on down for a great day. Food and drink are provided free - bagels, chili (meat and vegetarian), sports drink, etc. For the past two years, the Hudson Valley School of Massage Therapy has been on-hand to provide complementary massages to everyone. We're still working on finalizing it for this year. I'll post it as soon as it's arranged.

Anyone who raced in the past couple of years will receive email notification about the event and a race application in the mail. For everyone else, if you would like additional information check for future postings or contact Greg Malia at or by phone at 845-518-8598.

See all of you on November 21st.