Thursday, July 30, 2009

Week 5 - Some More Classic Work

For the 5th week, the camp was back working on classic skiing with Janice Sibilia, the head coach.

A big part of this session was the one skate drill.

Working on driving the leg, shifting the weight and balance, the campers showed major improvement in their classic skiiing.

Janice watches and give advice.

Keep that balance.

That's better.

Concentration can be tough on such a hot, humid day.

Looking good.

Just a little longer, then a 45 minute free skate.

Third Week of Camp

During the 3rd week of camp, we were lucky enough to have Allan Serrano, former head coach of the nordic ski teams at the University of Vermont and at Northern Michigan University, to work as our visiting coach. He worked with the campers on their classic technique going over a number of dryland drills and then heading out on the roads to implement what they just learned. In these photos, we see the kids working on their double poling after watching Allan demonstrate the technique.

Here we see a camper trying their double poling.

Good job.

Keep those hands high on the return.

The campers are listening and watching as Allan talks about the doble pole technique.

Allan shows what he just talked about.

Good forward arm swing.

Good follow through.

Listen and watch and you will learn.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Rollerski Camp Day 2 - Finally Sun

Finally, we had a nice day for the rollerski camp and 12 high school skiers to0k advantage of the weather to work on their skating technique and a little strength work. Here are a few pictures. See if you can find yourself and look at your form. I'm having a little trouble posting the videos.